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Burn It Down Show is a comedy podcast broadcasting from Merritt Island, Florida, featuring Dabbz Kay, Jay Flow, and an entirely too expensive computer that never works.

The show was born because of a mutual love of talk radio.They aspire to entertain and delight while talking s***. With any luck, it’s worth a download.

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Show Number 102 – Don’t Tell My Secrets

We had some technical difficulties with Episode 101 that led to us recording a new Episode 101… on a Tuesday night. If you wanna hear what we have of the original recording of 101, become a Patreon patron at patreon.com/burnitdownshow Ask Dabbz is brought to you... read more

Show Number 99 – See You On Tuesday

Sensible Susan has an evil twin. Dabbz answers one of the grossest Ask Dabbz questions ever. J-Flow is mad this is releasing on Tuesday. Ask Dabbz is brought to you by The Hustle Junkie & Hustle Harder. You can find them at thehustlejunkie.com Ctrl Alt Del is... read more

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