Burn It Down Show!

Burn It Down Show is a comedy podcast broadcasting from Merritt Island, Florida, featuring Dabbz Kay, Jay Flow, and an entirely too expensive computer that never works.

The show was born because of a mutual love of talk radio.They aspire to entertain and delight while talking s***. With any luck, it’s worth a download.

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Show Number 112 – Ohh Baby Baby Baby

Live audio is here and it’s butter in your ears baby. Ask Dabbz is brought to you by Buttered & Baked. To get in contact with them for all your confectionary delights, email the show talktoburnitdown@gmail.com. Ctrl Alt Del is brought to you by Tomoka... read more

Show Number 111 – BBBBB Grayson Vs Craig

The third finalist in the BIDS Burger Battle Bonanza (Bitch) Prelims is announced. This show is all about the burgers. Please Stand Clear of the Doors and The Brown Eye will both return on Episode 112. So who’s joining The Mayor, Pickles & Mike B in the... read more

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