Who’s Burning It Down?

Dabbz K

Dabbz K

Podcaster & Wannabe Script Writer

Following his debut on the highly acclaimed Steezy’s trap house, Dabbz created a podcast of his own with long time friend Jay Flow.

Dabbz k was born December 25, 1983 in the American military hospital 97th General, in Frankfurt Germany. The youngest of Mrs. and Mr. Kay’s 3 children, the self-proclaimed reason why “Brevard goes hard” spent the majority of his youth overseas in Europe.

Dabbz love for talk radio started from a young age, upon moving to FL at the age of 9 bye the age of 12 Dabbz was listening to the Russ and Bo show before falling asleep at night “of course Mr and Mrs Kay had no idea”. This later evolved into a love for the Drew show where he was introduced to a radio personality named Dan Dennis. Dennis’s sharp wit and comedic style moved Dabbz in such a way during his early teens that he knew running his mouth was the only thing he wanted to do with his life.

Play radio in a closet with his friend……….  To quote Huey from Boondocks, “yall niggas gay”




A fat white rapper from Brevard County, Fl. His love for talk radio prompted an idea to start a podcast with a friend he met from listening to another podcast. With unused rusty production skills and a sticky keyboard he formed “Burn it Down” with Dabbz kay and a giant waste of time was born.



Incompetent Piece of Machinery

Computer was bought at Best Buy in 2015. Computer talks a lot of shit and rarely works properly.

Caution: Prone to burning everything down.


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